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The companies participating in Sustainable Brands 2010 are functioning models of the evolving relationship between sustainability and innovation.A 2008 report titled “A New Mindset for Corporate Sustainability" was co-sponsored by BT and Cisco, and was written by six academic experts from the United States, China, United Kingdom, Singapore and Spain....

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Sustainable Brands 2010 (SB’IO) is driving market-changing innovation and helping to forge a new path for tomorrow’s leading brands. On May 25, 2010, Sustainable Life Media (SLM) announced the top 11 Sustainable Brands Innovation Open (SB’IO) finalists. SB’IO is a week long event that commences Monday June 7 and involves...

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The leaking undersea oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is an environmental disaster of epic proportions. Most thinking people are attributing blame to those who caused the incident (BP, Transocean and Cameron International). However, some conservative American leaders are pointing their fingers in the most unlikely directions.Paradoxically, conservatives tend...

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