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About The Green Market Oracle

The Green Market Oracle is a sustainability blog and one of the web’s most comprehensive resources on sustainable development. Since 2008, the site has provided its loyal readers with insightful and thorough analyses on the most important sustainability issues (climate, energy, politics, business, biodiversity, law, social justice, and gender equality). The Green Market Oracle is widely cited by reputable journals, books, papers, reports, and websites from all around the world including Forbes, Energy Star, the LA Times, Yahoo, Columbia Law School, New York Magazine, and Cornell Law Review. Its multi-faceted, science-based approach to sustainability is read by business leaders, academics, lawyers, activists, and investors. The blog is owned and written by Richard Matthews.

About Richard Matthews – Eco-entrepreneur & Sustainable Development Advocate

With over 30 years of business management experience and 15 years as a thought leader and sustainable development advocate, Richard Matthews is a sustainability consultant, eco-entrepreneur and environmental writer with nearly 10,000 articles published on the web. He has contributed to a United Nations report for policymakers, as well as top news sites and publications including CleanTechnica, Greenbiz, Climatechange.org and he has been quoted in Huffpost.com, Justmeans.com and Greenbuildermedia.com.

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