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Social Action Driving Businesses to Adopt Sustainable Practices

Some businesses have seen the wisdom of going green ahead of public pressure, others are being cajoled out of their complacency by an increasingly concerned public. The following account is a cautionary tale for businesses that ignore responsible practices. Greenpeace is one of the prominent groups that uses sustainability scorecards to assesses businesses. In one of these scorecards Greenpeace singled out seafood supermarket chain Trader Joe's. For months Greenpeace publicly pressured Trader Joe's to adopt sustainable seafood purchasing policies. Trader Joe's was subject to an online campaign including Greenpeace’s mock website. Pressure also took the form of phone calls, in-store...

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Consumers Continue to Embrace the Burgeoning Green Market

The market for environmentally-friendly products has never been better and the demand has never been stronger. According to Mintel International,“the green marketplace is one of the fastest growing, most dynamic sectors of the US economy."The market is huge and getting bigger. In 2007 there were already 36 million Americans spending more than a quarter trillion dollars per year on green products and services. The Chicago Tribune reported that 36 million consumers, or 12 percent of the US population, "happily" embraced the green market in 2007. That same year, the green market was estimated at 230 billion,The number of Americans who...

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Pepsi Refresh Project’s Cause Marketing Videos

Pepsi is using cause marketing to improve their brand awareness in a declining market. Consumers are moving away from sugary, carbonated beverages to a diverse array of healthier alternatives. Pepsi and Coke have been vying for the $60 billion soft drink market for decades. Although Coke and Pepsi own major stakes in non-cola beverages, slowing sales, especially in North America, have forced both companies to seek new ways to generate profits and advertise their brands. Through its Refresh campaign, Pepsi has established itself as a leading presence in cause marketing in 2010. Pepsi has created videos with high production values....

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Green Bubble?

A bubble is defined as "the phenomenon of rising share prices amid a mood of general euphoria, leading to a 'bursting' and a reversal of the prices and the mood." According to the Conservative publication The New Republic, the Green bubble has already burst. In an article subtitled "why environmentalism keeps imploding" they appear to blame educated liberals, Fortune 500 companies, and even arch conservative Newt Gingrich for having the audacity to demand action on global warming. By way of supporting their claim, they cite a Pew Research Center poll which found that between January 2008 and January 2009, the...

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Mobile Marketing: A Green Opportunity

Mobile devices represent an important new marketing channel. Increasing mobile penetration worldwide has led many in the marketing industry to believe that 2008 is the year of mobile. According to a Cisco study, mobile devices are quickly joining physical stores, websites, and catalogs as an important fourth channel for retail growth. According to Don Knox, global vice president at ad:tech Expositions, “Mobile continues to pique the interest of marketers and advertisers as it matures and the devices mature in the U.S...marketers are seeing the benefits of relying on mobile to reach consumers...Everyone seems to sense that we’re on the verge...

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