US Nuclear Energy in the Wake of the Fukushima Reactor Explosions

Multiple explosions at the Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan are leading many to question the value of nuclear power in America. The latest reports suggest at least 10,000 have been killed by the earthquake and resultant tsunami. With the meltdown of nuclear facilities in Japan, it may get much worse. Nuclear reactors are located adjacent to sources of water for cooling. Many of the world's 442 nuclear power reactors are located by the sea, but these power plants are prone to tsunamis. As reported by ENN, the safe operation of these plants are likely to be aggravated by climate change....

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Reigning in Irresponsible Oil Giants Chevron and Exxon Mobil

Big Oil is increasingly under scrutiny as the world is seeking cleaner sources of energy. The Obama administration is working on several fronts to reduce emissions and provide much needed oversight and regulation. Important financial and chemical reforms are being sought by US lawmakers and the EPA has put forward new mileage guidelines.Although President Obama has denied any direct link, the SEC's fraud charges against Goldman Sachs are part of a new political climate and this is a reflection of the strength of the President's convictions.In the context of this environment, social media based efforts are also underway to help...

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Peak Oil

The world's oil supply is finite and many credible sources are counting down to the moment when demand exceeds supply.As indicated in the CNA report "Powering America's Defense," there is a strong relationship between climate change, energy dependence, and national security. The report clearly states that continued reliance on fossil fuels creates “an unacceptably high threat level from a series of converging risks.” These threats include conflicts over fuel resources, destabilization driven by ongoing climate change, and threats to critical infrastructure. According to the report, dependence on foreign oil weakens international leverage, jeopardizes the military, and entangles the US government...

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